GM Flooring Services Ltd. - Company Safety Policy

The Company sets and maintains a high standard of safe working for its employees and SubContractors who are engaged to carry out work on the behalf of the Company in accordance with the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act.

The Company requests the co-operation of SubContractors working for the Company in observing our Safety Code which will assist them in facilitating the safe execution of their work.


Mr G Matadeen is responsible for the overall Health and Safety of the Company but the following are responsible for safety of their particular sites:-

  • Mr Daniel Carlin
  • Mr John Taylor
  • Mr Scott Wilkinson
  • Mr Tom Watts

Sub Contractors are also reminded of our Health and Safety Policy.

All employees have the responsibility to co-operate with Supervisors and Managers to achieve a healthy and safe work place and to take care of themselves and others. Whenever an employee, Supervisor or Manager notices Health and Safety problems which they are not able to put right, they must straight away tell the appropriate person, either one of the above or the person in charge of safety on site.

Gavin Matadeen will be responsible for safety training, carrying out safety inspections, investigating accidents and the monitoring of plant and equipment.