GM Flooring Services Ltd. - Risk Assessment For Vinyl Installation

Item 1

To uplift and remove existing flooring using Stanley knives, floor scrapers and where appropriate possible use of 110v Bully Stripper. Gloves and knee padsare used and waste material is removed by hand to a skip on site.

Item 2

The floor is then screeded using a Latex Screed with a trowel and then spike rolled off to prevent trowel marks and to help the air pass through. The screed is mixed using a 110v mixing machine.

Item 3

The floor is sanded by hand, or if required using a 110v floor sanding machine.

Item 4

To sweep floor clean. To spread adhesive over the floor area using a trowel. To lay vinyl sheet or vinyl tiles. To cut edge using a Stanley knife. To fit cove former and capping strips using contact adhesive. To hot weld the floor seams using 110v welding guns.

Item 5

To control risk to fitters and personnel. Fitters to have knee pads and gloves. Staney knife old blades to be removed from site. Knives in use by experienced personnel. Stored in Tool Box and Sleeve retractable.

Item 6

Manual Assessment - The fitters are very experienced in handling flooring materials. They use trolleys where possible to move