GM Flooring Services Ltd. - Company Method Statement

Work to be carried out as per your order and completed to your site programme.

Types of tools used for removal of floor coverings

110v PAT tested mechanical Bully Stripper to remove existing floors. Also 110 PAT tested rotating machine to smooth screed after laying.

Types of tools used for installing floor coverings

Sweeping brush, Scrapers, Hand-held Plastering Trowels for screed work. Carborundum stone to rub screed smooth. Hand -held Serrated Trowels to spread adhesive. Stanley knives to cut vinyl materials. 150lb Roller to roll vinyl flat.

Safety Equipment

Respirators for use with latex screed if required. Barrier cream, gloves and knee pads to be used if required.

Site Supervisors

Mr Gavin Matadeen

Telephone No: 0800 44 88 415 or 07958188962

The types of materials we are using for this installation are used extensively by our experienced fitters who work most days of every working week with these various screeds and adhesives. However, we use as much ventilation as possible to dissipate any fumes which could prove uncomfortable to others. The COSHH sheets for each product are included.

We do not anticipate much dust from scraping or sweeping the floor. The adhesives are non-flammable and the calor gas (110v heat guns) will only be used if the temperature falls below approximately 65° to help bend the vinyl over cove. Fire extinguishers and equipment to be advised by your selves. Very little noise. All rubbish to be cleared on an on -going basis by our van and site completely clean on completion. No access equipment to be used. The hours worked will depend on how the job progresses. We will need provision if necessary to work until late to ensure your completion date.